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As part of the supply chain industry, we consider everything going in and out of our factories from our end-user products to our scrap material.

Our commitment to customer satisfaction is on-time delivery, and we will work with you to arrange the appropriate logistics required for your business needs.

We as a proud arm of the Australian industry also believe in minimising our environmental footprint, and take measures to control our scrap metal adding to the national effort to keep our country clean and green.

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Warehouse Stock Storage
Forklift Logistics
Truck Logistics
Parts Continuous Stock
International Shipping


We can arrange for pick-up or delivery of your goods and we ship both Australia wide and worldwide.

Whether it is a once off delivery or ongoing production; fragile goods or multi-component assemblies; we tailor our logistics to suit your requirements to ensure the correct products reach your doorstep on time.

All the packaging and management is handled on-site, and we can manage holding stock and storage to ensure supply for those unpredictable circumstances.

Logistic Services

Australia wide




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Please note: all shipping quotations will be considered individually, and will depend on weight, quantity, special requirements and destination. Total Tooling Co. will not be held liable for any losses or damages incurred through customs authorities or legislation applicable to your locality.


To contribute to ongoing sustainability, Total Tooling Co. is dedicated towards reducing our impact on the environment. We employ many rigorous practices to ensure our by-products and materials are handled with the highest standards in compliance with legal standards and a continuous effort to recycle scrap metal and maintain energy efficiency.

Most of these practices are integrated autonomously into our production and communication systems. It is through these values of sustainability that are integral to Australia's future and industry.

Environment & Recycling
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