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Quality products, processes and people is what we believe here at Total Tooling. We have employed the right equipment and strategy, such as TPS systems, to ensure every product aligns with its drawing and specifications.

As the industry continues to accelerate and dissolve off-shore, quality is quickly becoming a rare commodity. Our mission is to put the control back into quality to ensure customer satisfaction.

Our consistent attention to detail has recognised awards as supplier of the year, but has been only made possible due to our strong commitment to high quality standards.

Laser Scanner
Microscopic Weld Analysis
Digital Measuring Gauges
Quality Report
In Process Inspection Probe

Learn more below or quick jump to any quality process:

Quality Testing Facility


Our quality testing facility grants incredibly high precision measuring of components, including spatial and dimensional measuring, load testing, weld penetration analysis, etc.

We have access to a wide array of measuring equipment:

CMM (Coordinate Measuring Machines)

Laser scanners

Tensile Testing Equipment

Microscopic Analysis

Our powerful scanners and measuring systems allow us to overlay actual parts on 3D CAD models to compare deviations. Alternatively, we can also convert 3D objects into digital CAD models.


While end-product quality is critical, this is achieved through careful check gates within the process. In-process quality inspections allow us to pinpoint which operation is responsible for any irregularities or inaccuracies in the product.

Almost all our processes include check fixtures/jigs or have in-built measuring probes to ensure all the boxes are ticked throughout the build.

This accelerates the troubleshooting process, which means less down time and improved quality control. And if there is an adjustment that you require, we can micro-tune your parts to perfection.

In addition, the checking doesn't have to stop inside our walls, we can build check fixtures and jigs for you to suit your own processes and parts, completing the Total Quality cycle and putting reassurance into your hands.

In-process inspection


We also offer quality reports to accompany your product,  which diagnoses critical dimensions, angles, finishes, etc after a part is completed and that it conforms to the specifications.

This is ideal for ongoing tracking and monitoring of large batch components, data management, and may also assist with long-term cost-reduction strategy. Ultimately, it places confidence in your hands and downstream within the supply chain.

Depending on your requirements, a quality report can be generated for any quantity of parts.*

*Note: Additional fees and charges may apply.

Quality reports
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