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From components to assemblies, we support low volume or high volume welding needs through our highly capable welding shop.

Our team of welding experts and automated robotic welders are able to get those consistent joins every time.

From high volume spot welded assemblies to safety critical welds - all our end-products are quality tested to ensure your parts hold up to the task it's given.

Types of welding services available



› Spot

› Projection

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Manual MIG Welding
Robotic Projection Welding
Hand Welded Components
Twin Robot Spot Welders
Weld Components Close Up
Robotic Welding


Ideal for high volume component or assembly manufacturing, we can design and program a fully operational robotic welding bay for scale production.


We have a wide array of different robotic arms, from standard welders, large dual synchronized arms, to small co-bots which work safely together with our production staff.

We can conduct MIG welding, spot welding and projection welding. Our welds can be rated and tested for safety critical components such as absorbers, crush boxes or structural load bearing elements.


Max Power

150 kVA


Steel, Stainless Steel

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For hard-to-reach welds or larger assemblies, our team of dedicated welders can get the job done. Servicing MIG welding of steel components, as well as TIG for more delicate operations; our welders are accurate, consistent and efficient.

Some examples of applications include frame assemblies for seats, industrial shelving, jigs, service industry components and much more.

Call to inquire about any welding needs.

Manual Welding
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